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Topics I Write About

Hi! I'm Anusha Ganesan, an SEO Content Writer and Certified Digital Marketer.

Digital Marketing is evolving every day and it is tough to keep up with it.

I decided to blog about my experience with learning and implementing digital marketing so that you can avoid the mistakes I made and get results faster.

If you are a noob digital marketer or entrepreneur looking to grow your business online, then you are at the right place.

Feel free to get in touch with me regarding any queries.

Digital Marketing Tool Reviews

"Digital Marketing is more about 'Marketing' than 'Digital'." So says my mentor. And I agree 100%! But what do you do when there are so many tools or software available for the same purpose? It's confusing and time-consuming to go through the features, pricing, and actually trying out the tool.
Fret not! I am testing and reviewing digital marketing tools for you. So, be sure to subscribe to my list so I keep you updated with my reviews and posts.

Conversion-Optimized Sales Funnels

Looking to launch a new product? Want to increase sales? Then you would want to reach the RIGHT audience, engage with them, WOW them, guide them through the customer journey! Sounds like a lot, right? Setting up a Sales Funnel will help you achieve all of this.
Sales funnels are not all that complex. Believe me. I am here to make it simple for you. And you don't need a fancy software to set up one.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook ads are so expensive! Right? This need not be the case if you LASER TARGET your audience, show relevant ads, have a relevant and catchy video/image ad to go with an ad copy that talks to your audience.
Not just that. There are some tricks which will reduce your ad costs.

Email Marketing Automation

You got leads. Now what? You need to nurture them. Email Marketing is at the heart of digital marketing. Automation can seem a little daunting but no worries. I will show you how to integrate your website with an email marketing tool and set up your email autoresponder series. Now you can engage with your leads the moment they sign up for a lead magnet.

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Attract leads

Lead Magnet Ideas Checklist

Coming up with a Lead Magnet need not be tough anymore! Get Proven Lead Magnet Ideas! 

Learn how you can come up with enticing lead magnets for your audience in a jiffy 😉

Online Marketing Tools

Email Marketing &
Sales Funnel Tools

Once you generate leads, nurturing leads is the next, super important step. Guiding the customer to the next step is equally important. So, here is a free guide on Email Marketing & Sales Funnel Tools. 

Facebook Marketing

11 Ways To Lower
Facebook Ads Cost

Facebook Ad cost are sky rocketing!  But I’ve got you covered…Use these 11 ways to lower your Facebook Ad costs. 🙂

Online Business Launch Marketing Checklist

Launching an Online Business? It can be overwhelming initially. And that’s why I made this handy checklist.

My Experience

"Anusha has worked very hard, she has gone above and beyond what was required. In this apprenticeship, Anusha has particularly built up her knowledge around SEO and content writing, from start to finish which has included creating infographics. She has been open to a lot of new learning something that is required in this work. This has included being introduced to a variety of different software and apps while working with us. She is presently helping us with a new Facebook ads campaign and new sales funnel. "
genM badge
Eileen Burns
Stress Coach Training
A 3-month Internship Program.
Worked on Sales Copywriting,
Organic Lead Generation for an Online Internship Program,
Marketing Automation using Zapier,
Ran Fb ads and Google ads, Telesales, and
Product Creation and Selling.
internship certificate
Digital Marketing Intern at Pixel Track
Remote Internship Program by Digital Deepak