Hi! I'm Anusha Ganesan, Certified Digital Marketer.

Imagine if you could have a system in place to manage your business and get rid of the tech stuff! Here is what I can do for you...

Conversion Optimized Funnels

Looking to launch a new product? Want to increase sales? Then you would want to reach the RIGHT audience, engage with them, WOW them, guide them through the customer journey! Sounds like a lot, right? Setting up a Sales Funnel will help you achieve all of this.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook ads are so expensive! Right? This need not be the case if you LASER TARGET your audience. show relevant ads, have a relevant and catchy video/image ad to go with an ad copy that talks to your audience.
Not just that. There are some tricks which will reduce your ad costs.

Free Marketing Strategy

Lets connect! Book a FREE 30-minutes Discovery Call with me. Lets discuss your challenges so that I can come up with a marketing strategy to suit your needs.

Marketing Tools Reviews

I post honest reviews about online marketing tools. This will help you make informed decisions to invest in online tools. So stay tuned for my blog updates.


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Attract leads

Lead Magnet Ideas Checklist

Coming up with a Lead Magnet need not be tough anymore! Get Proven Lead Magnet Ideas.

Learn how you can come up with enticing lead magnets for your audience in a jiffy ;-)

Online Marketing Tools

Email Marketing & Sales Funnel Tools

Free Guide

Once you generate leads, nurturing leads is the next, super important step. Guiding the customer to the next step is equally important. So, here is a free guide on Email Marketing & Sales Funnel Tools.

11 Ways To Lower Facebook Ads Cost

11 Ways To Lower Facebook Ads Cost

A Free Cheat Sheet

Facebook Ad cost are sky rocketing! But I've got you covered...Use these 9 ways to lower your Facebook Ad costs. :-)

Online Business Launch Marketing Checklist

Online Business Launch Marketing Checklist

Free Checklist

Launching an Online Business? It can be overwhelming initially. And that's why I made this handy checklist.

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Digital Marketing Experience

Eileen Burns

Eileen Burns

Stress Coach Training

"Anusha has worked very hard, she has gone above and beyond what was required. In this apprenticeship, Anusha has particularly built up her knowledge around SEO and content writing, from start to finish which has included creating infographics. She has been open to a lot of new learning something that is required in this work. This has included being introduced to a variety of different software and apps while working with us. She is presently helping us with a new Facebook ads campaign and new sales funnel. "

Digital Marketing Intern at Pixel Track

Digital Marketing Intern at Pixel Track

Remote Internship Program by Digital Deepak

An on-going 3-month Internship Program. Worked in Sales Copywriting, Organic Lead Generation for an Online Internship Program, Marketing Automation using Zapier, Ran Fb ads and Google ads, and Telesales so far.


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