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Hi I'm Anusha. 🙂

Are you overwhelmed with all the planning and implementing a marketing strategy for your online business?

I fully agree that it is difficult to decide when there are so may tools available for the same purpose. Which one to choose and how to choose? 

There are so many social media platforms. But which is the right one for your business?

You want to get more leads. Existing customers’ retention rate is not good. 

You may face many such challenges in your business.

My aim is to help you chart out a marketing strategy and execute it step-by-step.

I believe in constantly upgrading my skills. As a Digital Marketing enthusiast I closely follow DigitalMarketer’s proven strategies. I got certified by DigitalMarketer for some of the key specializations of Digital Marketing. 

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When I first started learning online marketing,
I was overwhelmed by all the technical stuff I needed to learn- right from building my WordPress website, to posting content on social media, social media ads, email marketing, landing pages, etc. It is a big list!
This is WHY I want to help you. I don't want you go through the hassle of learning concepts, selecting tools, and then learning how to use them.
Starting an online business can be intimidating initially. But if you have someone to guide you through the path, the journey will be easier. And that is exactly WHAT I want to do for you! In the current scenario and for the coming years, having an online business is not just an add-on but a very crucial and major asset for all of us.
You have a great IDEA. You want to REACH your AUDIENCE and MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
As an entrepreneur, it is daunting to manage everything- right from ideating to product creation, to marketing and selling... I will help you chalk out a marketing strategy, and execute it step wise using the right tools and system to grow your business online.
Conversion Funnel Mastery certificate
Paid Traffic Mastery Certificate
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