3 Best Sales Funnels for Health Supplements or Nutraceuticals Company

The 3 Best Supplements Sales Funnels

In this post, I am going to talk about three types of sales funnels that worked for the dietary supplements/nutraceuticals company.

  1.  The content funnel
  2.  The sales funnel
  3.  The follow-up funnel 

The content funnel:-

This is a funnel where you drive traffic to your content. the content could be a video and /or a blog post.

 With the content funnel, You can collect leads by offering an ebook or a cheatsheet,  whatever that suits your audience. 

 Remember that the lead magnet should solve a very specific problem for your audience.

Just after you capture the email ID or get an opt-in, the thank you page could have a tripwire offer  (a  Low ticket offer). For example, this could be a small pack of dietary supplements.

The sales funnel

At this point, you introduce the audience to your core offer that is the dietary supplement.

Post the core offer,  we can offer a number of upsells, down-sells for Cross-sells.

Upsell-  in case more of the supplement is needed down the road, upsell could be a larger quantity of the same supplement which was offered as the core offer.

For example buy 1 get 1 free or buy 1 get 2 free

Another kind of upsell would be a complementary product (physical or Digital)

 There are 3 ways you can create an upsell:

  1. The upsell could be based on speed for faster recovery or faster results 

For example,  an upsell for diabetes supplement can be a weight loss product since then many cases diabetes patient suffers from obesity. This will give them faster results.

2. The upsell can be based on Ease of implementation. 

For example, an iron supplement along with vitamin C gummies/chewable for pregnancy. Or something that helps them stick to the dose regimen or a flask for ease of measuring the amount of tonic

3. Upsell based on Future problem-  

For example,  diabetes patience is at risk of developing heart disease in the future so you can upsell nutraceutical for Preventing heart disease. 

Down-sell- Downsell is offered when the customer does not buy the core offer.

The Downsell is essentially something you offer for a lower price for example this could be the same supplement offered for lower prices for a lower quantity.

Cross-sell- an example of Cross-sell is offering something that also usually bought along with the supplement. It could be, calcium supplement offered along with the iron supplement for pregnant women. The logic behind this is that pregnant women need to take increased amounts of both Iron and Calcium as prescribed by the doctors.

The follow-up funnel:-

  1. Email follow-up for buyers-  You can follow-up with buyers with an email series educating them for engaging with them or giving them dose recommendations.
  2. Email follow up for non-buyers-  Re-target people who have abandoned the cart with an email reminding them of their purchase intent. You can also send retargeting ads to two non-buyers. Another way of following non-buyers is by sending them more value in the form of educational content and engaging them in viral campaigns to bring them back into the customer journey.
  3. Follow up series for non-buyers who are not in your email list can be targeted with a content funnel,  offering a lead magnet capturing meaning and then follow up with them.

These are the three main funnels that work in the health supplement or nutraceutical industry.


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