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Facebook Marketing for Supplements in 2020

Facebook advertising for supplements is a long term strategy.

Facebook is a place where people come for entertainment, passing time and also these days people gather (Fb groups) to discuss and learn about a topic of their interest.

So Facebook has a ton of data, it knows a lot about its users.

You could leverage this superpower.

If you are a brand new company selling supplements or just beginning to embark on a digital journey, then first focus on brand awareness.

But how?

Focus on providing a ton of value.  This will build your niche authority, you will be recognized as an expert in your niche.

People need to know that you CARE about them, about their health and wellbeing.

So brand awareness and value, these are 2 KEY points when you advertise on Facebook.

So does this mean I cannot get any sale from Facebook?

Of course, you can! But it takes time.

Once you build your brand, you can start Facebook advertising for sales.

I will give a brief intro about the Facebook pixel here.

Facebook pixel is a piece of code that is given by Facebook to put on your website. This enables you to track, pixel, or cookie the people visiting your website.

So when you send traffic via an ad on Facebook to a particular page/content on your website the pixel starts to track this audience.

Now you can use this audience to retarget later for sales ads on Facebook.

Facebook takes time to understand the target audience to ensure the best possible conversion. It checks if the ads are relevant to the audience.

10 facts to remember when advertising supplements on Facebook-

  1. Language-

Choose your words carefully. Your ad should not give a negative feeling or make the audience feel negative about their body. Especially if it is a weight loss product, or a hair product or anything to do with their body image.

If your content (in the ad or landing page talks about or shows the reproductive system, your ad will not be approved by Facebook.

2. Facebook has a strict ad policy

Make sure to not show before and after images. Instead, highlight the highlight on the benefits of the product.

Paint a picture in the prospects’ mind- what would life be like after purchasing and using your supplement. It could be a video of you talking or explaining, maybe an animation video as well.

3. Trust-

We spoke about this. Sending valuable content to the audience will build your trust.

4. Lookalike audiences-

Facebook has the ability to decide what kind of people would be interested in your offer/product based on the data collected. Your lookalike audience is basically a new set of audiences which according to Facebook is likely to buy your product.

5. Make timely offers or deals-

For example, in the COVID-19 scenario, people are interested in building their immunity. Immunity products will convert better. Or offering products at a discounted price will show that you understand that many people are facing a financial crunch. It will show your human side.

See how you can help them in the current situation. Empathize with your audience. Step into their shoes and feel what it is like to be in their position.

6. An ad that doesn’t look like an ad

We have to remember that “People don’t like being sold to.” Your ad needs to speak to the audience as one among them, not an outsider. And how is that possible?

When you know your audience well. Better yet, when you are your audience, your ad copy connects. Your audience sees their solution when they see your product.

7. Out-of-the-box ideas

Think of innovative ways to get your audiences’ attention. E.g. engaging, interactive content like quizzes, contests, giveaways, etc.

8. Success stories

Customers telling their stories about how the product changed their lives is a great way to provide social proof that your product works!

9. Messenger ads

Want quality conversions at a lesser cost? Try messenger ads. Your ad will be shown to the prospect in their messenger app. Messages on Messenger have a high open-rate. You can retarget the same audience later on messenger itself.

10. Test and optimize

This is a no brainer. Testing different elements of your ad- image/video, headline, copy, CTA is imperative to Facebook advertising. This will tell you what works and what doesn’t.

In short, there is no shortcut to getting a high return on ad spend when it comes to Facebook advertising. You have to start wilt creating brand awareness and building trust. And then go on to advertising on Facebook.

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P.S.- Be sure to check out the Facebook Ad policy.

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