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How to Convert an Article to Video?

Are you so busy that you can’t find time to create videos? Or maybe video making is tedious for you…And maybe you can’t afford to hire a freelancer right now. Yes or no?

If it’s a yes from you, then read further. If not, well, I still urge you to read further. 😉

Let’s say, you are wondering about what topic to select to make a video. Repurposing content is a great way to stay on top of your social media game.

If you are a blogger, or simply have blog posts related to your products or services, you can create videos using the blog posts.

I use InVideo for this purpose.

All you’ve got to do is copy the URL of your blog post.

Login to your InVideo Account. Click on ‘Article to Video’ option

Select any one of the social media where you want to post the video.

select a social media where you want to post the video
Pick a template for your video
Pick a template for your video and click on ‘use this template’.

Now video gives you the 3 options- add your own script by typing it, paste the blog post URL, or add your media files.

InVideo script options

Click on the ‘Add your URL here’ option.

InVideo- add blog post URL

Paste the blog post URL in the required area and click in ‘Fetch’.

You can post any blog post URL, in case you find another blog interesting.

InVideo fetches the text from the blog post. Now it will ask you to ‘Click on the sentence in the article to add scenes’. It will look like this.

Alternately, you can also click on the ‘AUTO SUMMARIZE’ button on the bottom right corner of the ‘FETCHED’ section.

Now click on ‘GO TO STORYBOARD’ on the bottom right corner of the SCENES section.

InVideo will automatically pick up the images based on the text in your blog post. InVideo selects the lines that give an overview of the article, according to it.

You have the option to change the text if you want and also change the images. (This tool allows you to upload your images as well)

The ‘Advanced editor’ option lets you do some cool animation stuff if you wish to. You can add an intro and outro for personal branding.

Add some interesting effects in any scene, reducing duration of a scene, etc.

InVideo Advanced Editor

Once you are happy with the video you can ‘Export’ your video. That’s it!

InVideo- Export button

InVideo offers a generous 60 days free trial. That’s plenty of time to experiment with its features, get comfortable with the dashboard, and then go for the paid version ($10 per month)! You can export videos during the trial but the videos will have a watermark.

In my opinion, it is super simple to use. I use it for creating video ads Social Media. They have templates for that as well.

So I highly recommend you to play around with InVideo.

By the way, I also have a post on 3 types of marketing videos you can make with no fancy expensive equipment. Check it out.

In case you are interested in going for a video marketing tool that you can buy for a one-time payment, read my review on CreateStudio.

P.S If you buy after signing up from my link I get a small commission. I recommend this tool since I am using it for my business and am happy with it.

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