My Story…

I am Anusha Ganesan, a Digital Marketing Freelancer, Nutrition enthusiast, Nature lover, and a Musicophile.

Let me take you on a journey….

My graduate and post-graduate studies were all about Nutrition and Dietary Supplements. I started working as a Technical Associate in a techno-marketing company in the dietary supplements niche.

So now you must be wondering, “How did she end up becoming a Digital Marketer?”

I was not exposed to marketing, neither did I think of exploring marketing as a career.

It was in my first job (which is also my current job) that I was introduced to terms like market research. I started off working on the Science (technical) stuff such as answering scientific queries, creating a scientific rationale for products, potential ingredients, etc.

But gradually my tasks also extended to product market research, making PowerPoint slides for marketing branded ingredients, and so on.

Now, this was unchartered territory for me. I wasn’t comfortable. I wasn’t confident. But I nevertheless tried my best. Made some mistakes. (I still do.) And I got better with time.

This was the time when I realized how powerful and important marketing is and that every company needs it.

In the meantime, I began researching about working online. With all the buzz about Digital Marketing, I was instantly attracted.

I started reading, seeing and following some popular personalities in this field. And Digital Deepak is one of them.

I realized that no matter what my profession is about, Digital Marketing is one such skill which, if mastered, can do wonders. I took a liking to this subject, invested time and money in learning Digital Marketing.

As I was exploring job prospects I happened to connect with a Therapist in the UK who needed someone to write some articles for her website. So, that’s how I landed my first project. It was an unpaid apprenticeship. I wrote SEO-optimized articles on Nutrition. It was a great experience.

I especially loved that Digital Marketing gives me the freedom to get creative, come up with new ideas, and feeling you get when you see results is awesome! I keep learning something new every day.

This project boosted my confidence and I thought why not work on some more Digital Marketing projects. That’s it!

I decided on taking my Digital Marketing Freelancing journey seriously.

So what’s your story? What’s your niche?

Let me know in the comments below.




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