Today’s post is a special one…

It’s about the Digital Marketing Internship experience.

This internship program is conducted by Deepak Kanakaraju aka Digital Deepak. He is a renowned Digital Marketing author, speaker, and consultant. If you are someone exploring Digital Marketing, then you should know him by now. But if you don’t know about him then you must visit his website and know more about him.

I got to know about this 3-month paid-internship program from Deepak Kanakraju in one of his emails in November. As I was already learning from some of his free content I knew that this would be the next logical step for me.

As a write this post, it’s been a little more than a month since I enrolled for this internship. And lemme tell you that I have learned a lot within just 1 month.

My Learning So Far

Right from improving my writing skills to finding my niche to defining my Customer Avatar (i.e. Buyer persona) to copywriting to website development (this website is my 1st website and I built it by myself) to setting up Google Analytics for my website to getting my website indexed on Google… Now, that’s quite a bit, right?

Yes, all of this in a month’s time! That too alongside my full-time day job, sitting at home!

All of this was possible because of Deepak’s ability to take us from one step to another. I did not have the technical know-how for a lot of things that I have done so far in this internship. But I could easily follow Deepak’s teachings and implement it. He makes learning simple and fun. That’s the beauty of this program.

If you are already thinking, “how’s this possible?” You are in for another surprise. 🙂

The Perks

Ever heard of the carrots and sticks method? This internship program has taken this concept to the next level. Interns are rewarded for submitting assignments, but only if it is done correctly before the deadline.

I got paid for submitting my assignments on time. Yes! I learn, implement and earn in this internship program. Here’s a proof for it.

So, eventually, I will be able to get back what I had invested in the internship program.

As a mentor, Deepak guides us on how we can improve. He gives us personalized feedback along with our scores for every assignment. So I exactly know what I need to concentrate on.

In my opinion, each and everything I have learned from this internship so far is priceless and that is what my co-interns are also saying.

This is what my co-interns have to say about the program.

About my co-interns:

My co-interns come from different walks of life and have varying levels of expertise. Some of them are already Digital Marketing freelancers, some are beginning to learn Digital Marketing, some want to start a blog, some already have an online business and so on.

But the one thing that’s common to all of us is the eagerness to learn Digital Marketing and improve with every assignment. We share Digital Marketing Hacks and our experiences-both professional and personal with each other. We clear each other’s doubts. All of this happens inside a closed Fb group meant exclusively for the interns.

Some other highlights

Now, I am learning to use Digital Marketing tools like Zapier in order to automate the Digital Marketing campaign. Deepak taught some really cool stuff that many Digital Marketers are not confident using. I feel that this is actually preparing me for real-world challenges.

This internship program is designed to actually equip people with in-demand Digital Marketing Skills.

For those who need job, placement assistance is provided. If you are really inclined towards Digital marketing and implement everything taught by Deepak then you are sure to land a job.

Since this internship is action-oriented, I can show this as an experience when I apply for a Digital Marketing job. Oh and I almost forgot to mention that a certificate will be granted upon successful completion of this internship program.

So, you must have realized by now how Action-packed this internship is.

I am looking forward to learning more and implement more!

If you are looking to learn Digital Marketing, no matter in which field you are currently, you will immensely benefit from this internship program.

I personally want more and more people to join and benefit from this program.

Deepak is conducting a Launch Webinar for the next Batch (i.e.Batch 2) of the internship on Feb 5th. You will get to know more about this program in the webinar.

Go ahead and register for the Launch Webinar using the link I have given below.

Digital Marketing Internship by Digital Deepak


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